Micro Squeeze
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Micro Squeeze
Bungee Connector Kit
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Bungee Connector Kit
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Full Tang Blade

The metal from the blade continues through the entire length of the knife which makes it very strong. Beta Alloy Titanium is marine grade metal which cannot rust, is lighter and stronger than conventional steel and holds a good edge.

The metal of the butt forms a lanyard loop to keep the knife attached to you and can be used to hit your cylinder as an audible alert.

The blade features a serrated cutting edge for thicker lines, a straight cutting edge, cutting hook for thin lines and even a bottle opener.


The Fibreglass Nylon Handle and Sheath are strong and light with multiple attachment options. You can attach the knife to your arm or leg with rubber straps, mount it to a webbing strap with the built in belt clip or bolt it onto your BCD with screws.


  • Beta Alloy Titanium
  • 8.9cm (3 – in.) blade, 17.8cm (7 in.) overall length
  • Possible mounting options include;
  • leg strap (straps not included)
  • belt clip for 2″ straps
  • Buoyancy Compensator pocket mounting