Apeks Diving Equipment

Apeks operates from a purpose-built factory where every element of the regulators are designed and manufactured in-house. The world-class production facility and the total control over every manufacturing process make Apeks regulators the industry benchmark for design, quality and performance.

Apeks’s rigorous procedures comply with the highest standards under the European Quality Assurance System BS EN ISO 9001, ensuring Apeks’ quality is the envy of others.

Apeks regulators have been tested by the world’s leading authorities on performance and were the first to pass EN 250 and be awarded the coveted CE mark. Apeks consistently top independent performance tests throughout the world, reflecting commitment to investment in research and development. Apeks is on the approved defence contractors list for the supply of diving equipment to armed forces around the world (for example all the British Navy’s first stages are made by Apeks) and also supply emergency services such as coast guards, police forces and fire services.

The full range of Apeks dive equipment, which now includes regulators, bladders, instruments and accessories, has been adopted by technical divers around the world. Apeks equipment is being used to explore some of the deepest, coldest and most advanced dive environments on earth. Because when the environment demands, only one thing matters; that your dive kit is designed, developed and tested to keep you safe and comfortable.


Apeks Diving

Apeks – Birth of a Regulator

Apeks Black Sapphire


Beware of Imitation  Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but when it comes to life preserving equipment, it’s just dangerous. Unscrupulous manufacturers around the world do fake Apeks products, sometimes copying our technology but with inferior parts and sometimes even putting our logo on the products. It goes without saying that you should never be tempted by the offer of a cheap Apeks product if it seems too good to be true. Genuine Apeks regulators are manufactured in the United Kingdom by engineers with many years’ experience of designing and manufacturing life preserving equipment. For complete peace of mind, only buy your Apeks equipment from an authorised Apeks dealer. You should also have your products serviced by an authorised Apeks dealer to ensure that the parts being used are genuine Apeks spares.

Apeks regulators are some of the safest around and regularly top independent tests for build quality, ease of breathing and their performance in extreme conditions, whether that be depth or temperature.

Alternate Air Source Safety

The Apeks XTX range of regulators are the world’s first regulators designed to exceed the European standard in Auxiliary Emergency Breathing Systems. More officially known as EN250:2014 including annex A. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but it’s important. An Auxiliary Emergency Breathing System (commonly known as an Octopus or alternate air source when connected to the primary regulator) is a fundamental part of any diver’s kit, providing an emergency backup demand valve in case of primary demand valve failure and acting as an alternative source of air for a dive buddy. The proposed minimum safety standards only require an alternate air source to be tested to 30 metres (98ft). Apeks recognises that emergencies can happen beyond these limits and we are the first regulator manufacturer in the world to design, have independently tested and be awarded CE approval for alternate air source products which far exceed the proposed minimum requirements. This means that an Apeks alternate air source matches the performance of the primary demand regulator that it is intended to work with, tested to depths of 50 metres (164ft) and in water temperatures below 10°C (50°F) where stated. You can be confident that in an emergency or an out of air situation, your Apeks regulator can cope with the extra demand of your buddy breathing from your alternate air source and safely supply air to you both.


You are at 200 metres (656ft) on a wreck. Then again you might not be, but it’s nice to know that Apeks regulators are extensively tested to perform at those depths and beyond. The Norsok Standard U-101 accreditation is a demanding standard that was devised for equipment used by commercial divers in the petroleum industry. The regulators are tested to 200m (656ft) using a Heliox gas blend. Apeks makes three of only four accredited regulators, the TEK 3, XTX200 AND XTX50. So whether you are at 20m (65.6ft) or 200m (656ft), there’s only one brand that you should trust – Apeks.

Diver Safety

Apeks products are designed and tested to thrive in the harshest of conditions. However, nothing replaces training, experience and common sense when it comes to any form of scuba diving. So while Apeks products can be found in some of the most demanding dive environments on Earth, never dive outside of your limits, whether that be in terms of your training, experience or physical ability.

Please follow this link for Owner Manuals

Unauthorised Dealer Warning

If you obtain Apeks products from an unauthorised dealer, your warranty will not be valid, and we cannot offer you the assurances of quality and satisfaction afforded by the Aqua Lung/Apeks Warranty Program. To verify whether or not a retailer is an authorized Aqua Lung Dealer, please email us at info@planetscubacom.my

Product Warranties

(covers those products labelled Apeks) When a consumer buys Apeks products from an Authorised Aqua Lung/Apeks dealer, they are buying from trained professionals who can instruct them on the proper and safe use of the equipment.


It is dangerous for untrained and uncertified persons to use the equipment covered by these warranties. Therefore, use of these products by an untrained person renders any and all warranties null and void. Use of scuba equipment by anyone who is not a certified diver, or receiving training through a recognised certification agency, shall render void all warranties, expressed or implied.

Limited Warranty

Aqua Lung/Apeks warrants to the original purchaser for a period of time (specified below for each product) from the date of purchase, that the product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, provided that it receives normal use, proper care and prescribed dealer service subject to the limitations listed below. The limited warranty is extended only to the original purchaser for purchases made from an Authorized Aqua Lung/Apeks Dealer and is not transferable. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement only at the discretion of Aqua Lung/Apeks. Warranty coverage does not extend to damages caused by improper use, improper maintenance, neglect, unauthorized repairs, modifications, accidents, fire, casualty or normal wear and aging. Cosmetic damage(s), such as scratches, nicks and fraying are not covered under warranty except when the product is new, out of the original packaging. This warranty does not extend to equipment used for commercial or military purposes. Please email info@planetscuba.com.my for any warranty questions


  • 1st stage – The serial number is readily visible on the first stage. The serial number is a 4 digit number followed by a space and then a 4 digit number (Example: 1305 1449). It is NOT “EN250” or “CE 0098.”
  • 2nd stage – On current models, it is located on the bottom of the second stage towards the front cover.
  • On earlier models, the serial number is located on top of the mouthpiece tube. With your thumb, lift the top leading edge of the mouthpiece, near the tie wrap. You should be able to read the serial number without completely removing the mouthpiece.

Buoyancy Compensator

  • The serial number is under the back pad of the BC. It can also be located inside the BC pocket.
  • WARNING tag – The tag is sewn inside the pocket.

Over-balanced Diaphragm Design

The heart of any regulator is the first stage. Most Apeks first stages utilise a unique over-balanced diaphragm design. In an over-balanced first stage design, the inter-stage pressure in the hose increases faster than traditional balanced models as a diver descends to greater depths. This increased inter-stage pressure compensates for the increased density of your breathing gas by allowing a larger volume of gas to flow through the system on demand. The result is superior breathing performance regardless of depth. The over-balanced diaphragm design is found on Apeks Tungsten, XTX200, XTX100, XTX50, XTX40 and XTX50/DS4 first stages.

Environmental Dry Sealing System

Standard on most Apeks first stages is the unique Environmental Dry Sealing System. This system serves a number of purposes, including the prevention of ice build up on the main spring that can occur when diving in extremely cold water. Dry sealing the first stage also acts as a safeguard against the entry of contaminants and silt into the main spring chamber, and eliminates the need for messy silicone oil or grease filling inside your regulator. The Environmental Dry Sealing system is found on Apeks Tungsten, XTX200, XTX100, XTX50, XTX40 and XTX50/DS4 first stages.

Second Stage Technology

Pneumatically Balanced 2nd Stages

In most other regulator brand’s second stage designs, the inhalation effort of the diver opens a valve inside the regulator that is held closed by spring tension. Apeks second stages feature a pneumatically balanced valve system which means that the pressure on the second stage valve is “balanced” by allowing medium pressure air to pass through to the opposite side of the valve to help counteract the force of the spring. This reduces the inhalation effort required to open the second stage valve and substantially improves the overall ease of breathing in all diving conditions. This means that a dive on an Apeks regulator is a far superior breathing experience to that of other competing regulators .

Reversible Regulator

The Apeks XTX range of regulators can be dedicated to either left or right-handed use. While supplied in a right hand configuration, the hose routing can be altered from right to left or left to right by an Authorised Apeks Service Technician. This extremely useful feature offers greater flexibility for those who like to configure their kit in a particular way and sets Apeks regulators apart from other brands of regulators.

The Apeks Reversible Venturi System (RVS)

The Apeks Reversible Venturi System (RVS) allows the diver to control the venturi assist with greater precision due to indexable Venturi Lever. Gas flow to the diver can be directed towards the mouthpiece by indexing the venturi lever towards the plus position. This allows the diver an assisted breathe resulting in a more comfortable dive with less breathing effort. With the venturi lever in the minus position, the air-flow in the second stage is directed onto the diaphragm, closing the valve and preventing freeflow. The Indexable Venturi Lever can therefore act as a pre dive switch. When set in the minus position the second stage will not freeflow during the entry phase or if the regulator is dropped in the water. When the diver begins to use the regulator the venturi lever can be indexed toward the plus position and the second stage will give the diver an assisted breathe resulting in a more comfortable dive with less breathing effort. Due to its unique design, the venturi lever can be moved to either the left or the right side of the regulator, depending on the desired hose configuration, this work must be carried out by an authorized Apeks service centre.

Diver Changeable Exhaust System.

The Diver Changeable Exhaust (DCE) offers user the choice of either a compact, light-weight exhaust tee on the second stage or a wider exhaust. By using the wider exhaust, bubble interference can be avoided, perfect for photographers who wish to virtually eliminate exhaled air interfering with capturing the perfect image. The exhaust diffusers can be easily and quickly changed by sliding and locking the preferred set into place. Divers can now configure their own regulator exhaust diffusers for individual dive conditions or requirements.

Managing the Environmental Way – ISO 14001:2004

Apeks Marine Equipment recognises the impact that our manufacturing processes could have on the environment. As champions of the underwater world we have always had an environmental ethos and a keen understanding and appreciation of environmental issues. Further to this, in 2006 we decided to look at every aspect of our business from an environmental point of view. We measured the impact each individual process has on the environment, with aims to remove or reduce the effect of these processes.    An Environmental Management System was established in 2006 in accordance with ISO 14001. This has helped us to:

  • reduce energy use
  • reduce use of other resources
  • minimise waste
  • reduce operating costs
  • improve compliance with environmental legislation and regulations
  • reduce environmental risks

After several audits by an external verifier, Apeks Marine Equipment Ltd was awarded ISO 14001 accreditation by The British Standards Institute. Apeks is the first diving equipment manufacturer in the world to receive this standard and it’s an achievement of which we are extremely proud.

Q. What is a cold water regulator?

A. It is a regulator that is designed to be used in water of any temperature. The first stage is environmentally sealed.

Q. What is a warm water regulator?

A. A regulator designed to be used in water 50 degree Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) and above.

Q. What is the intermediate pressure of Apeks regulators?

A. All Apeks regulators have an intermediate pressure of 9.0 – 10.0 BAR, or 130-145PSI

Q. How often should my Apeks regulator be serviced?

A. Your regulator should be serviced every two years, with an inspection completed by an Authorized Apeks technician in non-service years. (Ex. Year 1 inspection, year 2 service, year 3 inspection, etc). Refer to the Free Parts for Life Program for additional benefits of owning an Apeks regulator.

Q. Can my Apeks regulator be converted for Oxygen/Nitrox service?

A. Apeks regulators as standard are suitable for use with up to 40% O2 but you must check what regulations apply to your country. For example within Europe we must adhere to the European Standards EN144-3 and EN13949 which state that regulators used with EAN over 21% must use the special Nitrox M26 fitting. The following models can be converted for nitrox use with over 40% oxygen ( up to 100%); ATX40, AT20, XTX200, XTX100, XTX50, XTX40, XTX20, Egress, TEK3. Late 5000ST and Sentinels. Older piston first stages cannot be converted.

Q. Can Apeks regulators be used from the left hand side?

A. Yes. The XTX range can be used from the left or right hand side. The TX and ATX range can only be used from the right hand side. The Egress, 5000ST and Sentinel can be used left or right handed.

Q. Which way up should the 1st stage be fitted to the cylinder?

A. It doesn’t matter, it comes down to personal choice. It does not affect the function of the regulator.

Q. Do you have dealers in other countries?

A. Apeks have local dealers throughout the United States as well as International distributors worldwide.

Q. Can my yoke clamp regulator be converted to 300 Bar Din?

A. Yes, all it requires is a Din handwheel assembly (AP0211) to be fitted in place of the yoke clamp.

Q. What is a removable ARCAP seat?

A.The seat is the sealing face in the body of the first stage. The Removable ARCAP seat has advantages over a seat machined into the body of the first stage. Firstly it is removable so if the seat was damaged it would not be necessary to replace the whole body of the first stage which would be expensive. Also it can be made of a different material to the brass body. A removable seat can also be machined to even finer tolerances than a seat machined into the body of a first stage.

Q. Can Apeks regulators be left and right handed?

A. The XTX range of Apeks 2nd stage regulators are suitable for both left and right handed use. An authorised Apeks technician can easily change the hose routing. Contact your local dealer for details.

Q. What is TEK3?

A. TEK3 is an innovative 1st stage regulator system specifically designed for twinset diving. More information can be found here.

Q. What is the purpose of the venturi lever on the 2nd stage of the regulator?

A. Many Apeks 2nd stages are equipped with a diver controllable venturi system. This switch allows the diver to control the venturi assist to reduce the sensitivity to free-flow and provide the maximum airflow at depth. The lever should be set to the plus (+) position to achieve maximum assistance for easier breathing. To prevent the 2nd stage from free-flowing, the lever should be set to the minus position (-) during entry or while swimming at the surface.