Scuba diving is fun and exciting, and it relies on quality equipment to make your diving safe and fun.

Because scuba diving is an equipment oriented sport.  it is very important for you the user to know firsthand the ComfortFit and Performance of the equipment you intend to purchase for your diving activity. When you are able to see, feel and try each product and understand the differences in each model, you will find the best gear and be making an informed decision on your purchase, which rewards your diving experience. Our experienced team members are here to help you make the best choice to suit your diving needs and help you with try the equipment options we have.

We are not an on-line store nor do we conduct any sale by way of e-commerce. Any on-line purchases for Aqua Lung, Apeks, OmerSub and the brands under Aqua Lung is not allowed by the warranty policies of Aqua Lung International. If you purchase an Aqua Lung product from an unauthorized dealer, your warranty will not be valid. Please also check our Unauthorized Dealer Warning page periodically for updates.

Planet Scuba offers a comfortable and spacious retail area designed to ensure you get an enjoyable shopping experience. Purchases can be made by cash or major credit cards in our store.

We also offer installment free plan for Malaysian Maybank and OCBC credit card holders:

Pay by Installment

12 and 18 months Maybank installment plan.

Minimum RM1,000.00 to maximum RM10,000.00 purchase.

Additional fee applies on total bill: 5.5% for 12 months plan, 6.5% fee for 18 months plan.



OCBC Visa/ Mastercard Installment Plan


06 months payment plan     RM 500.00

12 months payment plan     RM 1,000.00

18 months payment plan     RM 1,000.00

24 months payment plan     RM 2,000.00

36 months payment plan     RM 3,000.00

 Additional fee applies on total bill: 5.5% for 6/ 12 months plan, 6.5% fee for 18/ 24/36  months plan.