Update 16/08/2021-
Good news everyone! Planet Scuba’s retail area is now open to all our customers that has completed their vaccination, based on their vaccination types:

– 14 days after the 2nd dose for vaccines that require 2 doses (Pfizer, Sinovac, Astrazaneca)
– 28 days after vaccination for vaccines that only requires a single dose (Johnson & Johnson, CanSino)

Please note that we will request proof of your vaccine Digital Certification via your MySejahtera app before allowing entry into our retail area. 

Current SoPs will remain i.e.
1. MySejahtera scanning is compulsory
2. temperature reading will be taken before each entry is allowed
3. having double mask on at all times in our retail area
4. maintaining a social distance of 2m/ 6′ distance
5. dive wears, hoods & gloves trying are not permitted

Our retail hours are Mondays to Saturdays, 11am to 5pm

If you could not make it to our store, worry not. Our eXpoPrice SALE with FREE Shipping is on going. Simply browse and send us either a message via the product page or an email to [email protected] to make your purchase. 

Please keep safe and stay healthy everyone.
Thank you.

Due to Covid-19, we ask our customers to also use discretion as much as possible when visiting Planet Scuba and to please adhere to our terms below;

If you are having/ showing symptoms of cough, flu, sneeze, illness, please seek medical attention and come back another day. Planet Scuba reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone showing temperature reading of 37.5°C or more, or of having any symptoms of illness

Your temperature reading will be taken before each entry is permitted and will be logged together with your name and contact details before each entry. QR code printed on door is provided for you for this purpose. This is mandatory.

Having a face mask on is an absolute requirement (extra can be provided by us)

Please sanitize your hands with sanitizer provided before entering our retail area

We have a limit of no more than 4 customers at any one time in our premise

Customers must maintain a social distance of 2m/ 6 feet apart

Hand sanitizers will be provided through out the retail area. Please use them as much.

Our fitting room is closed. We could not allow any try-on for:
dive wear including Wetsuits, Lycra, any Tops or Shorts as well as Gloves, Hoods, Vests.

Mask can be tried for fit. Please place mask into provided pail after each try. We will sanitize them for you.

Equipment servicing/ Maintenance/ Repair will be done by us once you drop them off.
Drop off No on-the-spot repair/ servicing will be provided. Service Room is off limits

Payment can be done via on-line transfer, credit or bank card only. No cash will be accepted

If the door is locked during operation hours, it means we are at capacity. Please come back later

Planet Scuba thanks you for your understanding and corporation. We wish you our very best. Stay Safe!