Skin Suit 0.5mm
RM950.00 RM490.00
Skin Suit 0.5mm
Cyklon Metal Octopus
RM1,690.00 RM999.00
Cyklon Metal Octopus
RM3,499.00 RM2,299.00


When it was introduced in 1958, the Poseidon Cyklon was the first regulator in the world with a single hose and the demand valve situated at the mouth. Thanks to its well tested construction and design, the Cyklon is still the first choice of the German Navy.

  • Use either way up
  • Approved to EN250 cold water standard
  • High performance, robust workhorse regulator
  • Approved to cold water standard
  • Unique durable 2nd stage
  • 2nd stage could be used either from left or right
  • Downstream 2nd stage valve