UP-M1 Mask by Momo Design
RM369.00 RM239.00
UP-M1 Mask by Momo Design
Spare Air Model 300
RM1,550.00 RM1,089.00
Spare Air Model 300
RM799.00 RM569.00


Designed and produced with a tri-material construction and an advanced canalization system, everything about this fin is engineered to optimize the energy you load and release with every kick.


  • Wave Rib Technology. The revolutionary side ribs are the heart of the Phazer. The elastomeric rubber sections of the ribs work together with the wave-shaped structures, accumulating (loading) the energy of every kick that is released during the kick cycle. The effect is a solid, powerful yet easy kick, suitable for beginners as well as for expert divers
  • New Bungee Strap. Equipped with new bungee strap and heel-pad for quick and easy donning and doffing
  • Tri-Material Construction. Tri-material construction optimizes every single area of the fin: foot-pocket, blade and side ribs are made with different specific advanced materials to get the best performance
  • Hydro Power Channel. Thanks to the engineered channel in front of the foot pocket, the water can flow through the blade, enhancing efficiency, power and stability, making the Phazer a powerful and ideal fin both for professional scuba divers and students
  • New Canalization System. The blade features a soft TPR membrane to better canalize water during the primary and recovery portions of the kick cycle
  • Colors: Black, Black/ Lime, White/ Blue, White/ Pink, White/ Lime, White/ Glacier, White/ Navy Blue
  • Sizes: Small, Regular, X-large












Wave Rib Technology
New Canalization System
Hydro Power Channel System
New Silicone Bungee Strap

Fin Care and Maintenance