WTX-D 18 PSD Wing
RM2,699.00 RM1,999.00
WTX-D 18 PSD Wing
Women’s Leggings
RM399.00 RM279.00
Women’s Leggings
RM3,099.00 RM2,099.00


2lb (800g) WTX Aluminum Back Plate.

  • 12ft. of solid 2” (5cm) webbing with center grommet.
  • 2 ” (5cm) wide crotch strap.
  • 6 stainless 2” (5cm) D-rings.
  • Includes neoprene shoulder protectors.
  • 2 elastic retaining loops on shoulders and one on crotch strap.
  • Heavy duty stainless waist buckle.
  • 6 stainless steel serrated retainers.Tank bands are also not included.