• RM4,199.00 RM2,999.00

    The LEG3ND ELITE gives divers unprecedented capabilities by providing perfect precision and enhanced ergonomics at your fingertips. Advanced divers appreciate the independent micro adjustments to fine-tune their own individual breathing preferences


    RM4,199.00 RM2,999.00
  • RM3,899.00 RM2,799.00

    The first inhalation under water is the start of a new adventure. The revolutionary combination of Venturi effect and inhalation effort adjustment is natural and intuitive. Aqua Lung’s Master Breathing System allows divers to control both in one simple rotation. All depths, all conditions, all dives – MBS will adapt.


    RM3,899.00 RM2,799.00
  • RM3,299.00 RM2,399.00

    When performance is your highest priority, LEG3ND is the answer. The LEG3ND shares the same breathing characteristics with the LEG3ND ELITE and LEG3ND MBS. The familiar venturi switch now features an updated and ergonomic design. Overmolded with “soft touch” elastomer, the ergonomically designed switch perfectly controls the venturi effect, either allowing or containing a natural freeflow.​


    RM3,299.00 RM2,399.00
  • RM1,899.00 RM1,299.00

    The third-generation Titan regulator brings new innovation while keeping its excellent value. The updated Titan regulator integrates the lightweight feel, rugged durability and easy-to-breathe functionality of its predecessors, while updating with a fresh design. It offers excellent performance and easy maintenance at an affordable price.

    Titan 2017

    RM1,899.00 RM1,299.00