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    Zephyr Flex’s unique dual-material construction combines rigidity and flexibility for dependability and comfort.

    Zephyr Flex

    RM209.00 RM149.00
  • RM119.00 RM59.00

    The Zephyr scuba diving snorkel was designed to keep water out and keep you underwater as long as the conditions hold. The Zephyr is the ideal dive snorkel for any diving occasion.  Its ergonomic fit and strong, sleek line will give you an adventure that feels great and looks good.


    RM119.00 RM59.00
  • RM109.00 RM49.00

    The Aquilon takes the classic J-Shape snorkel design and adds a few convenient upgrades. The Splash Guard on the top deflects and prevents water splashing in as you swim at the surface helping to keep as much water out as possible. A Dry Side chamber ensures that any water that slips into the snorkel sits in a water trap at the bottom and makes clearing the snorkel easier.

    Aquilon Non Purge Snorkel

    RM109.00 RM49.00