• RM209.00 RM149.00

    Zephyr Flex’s unique dual-material construction combines rigidity and flexibility for dependability and comfort.

    Zephyr Flex

    RM209.00 RM149.00
  • RM119.00 RM89.00

    Aqualung Gobi Snorkel


    RM119.00 RM89.00
  • RM109.00 RM49.00

    The Aquilon takes the classic J-Shape snorkel design and adds a few convenient upgrades. The Splash Guard on the top deflects and prevents water splashing in as you swim at the surface helping to keep as much water out as possible. A Dry Side chamber ensures that any water that slips into the snorkel sits in a water trap at the bottom and makes clearing the snorkel easier.

    Aquilon Non Purge Snorkel

    RM109.00 RM49.00
  • RM99.00 RM69.00

    AquaLung “Baffin Jr” is a best quality snorkel for children. The snorkel has a dry top, which prevents water from entering, and a one-way valve at the bottom, which makes it easy to blow out water.

    Baffin Jr Snorkel

    RM99.00 RM69.00