• RM1,199.00 RM799.00

    This rolling luggage accommodates a full dive kit and all your other travel gear. Designed especially for scuba, it has side pockets that will fit our larger fins like the Aqua Lung X-Large Phazer. Coordinates with the rest of our Explorer line of bags.

    Explorer II Roller

    RM1,199.00 RM799.00
  • RM599.00 RM399.00

    The Explorer Carry-On is uniquely designed to pack the entire Aqua Lung travelers set. This bag has handles on both sides to help you get it in and out of airplane overhead compartments and comes with external and internal organization pockets.

    Explorer II Carry-On

    RM599.00 RM399.00
  • RM519.00 RM349.00

    With its carry-on size, stowaway backpack straps, and mesh drying pocket, this is the most versatile dive pack on the market today. It’s designed especially for scuba, with fin straps that hold any size fin. Part of the complete line of Explorer bags to get you completely outfitted for dive travel.

    Explorer II Duffel Pack

    RM519.00 RM349.00
  • RM399.00 RM279.00

    Need a bag to store your gear between dive trips? Tired of wheeling your fancy travel luggage full of dive gear to the beach? Have an unorganized rental locker? The Aqua Lung Adventurer Mesh Bag is the perfect solution. Whether it’s used to differentiate kit sizes in a dive locker, brought on a trip to leave your luggage in the hotel or just to keep your gear packed neatly away, the Adventurer Mesh Bag is up to the task.

    Adventurer Mesh Bag

    RM399.00 RM279.00
  • RM329.00 RM169.00

    Hauling dive gear through an airport, dragging it across a hotel lobby, and hiking it on a half mile trail to your dive location has never been easier with the Aqua Lung Defense Pack. The backpack straps feature an ergonomic shape and 3D mesh for added padding. All the seams on this bag are heat welded and waterproof. If you need more room or a spare dry compartment, the loop on the front of the bag is used to hang the smaller Aqua Lung Defense Bag.

    Defense Back Pack

    RM329.00 RM169.00
  • RM139.00 RM79.00

    If your big bag is filled with your wet dive gear, you’re going to need a place to put your dry towel, change of clothes, keys, phone, and wallet. This little bag is a great way to separate your dry gear from your wet gear.

    Defense Bag

    RM139.00 RM79.00
  • RM269.00 RM189.00

    The Aqualung Explorer II Regulator Bag is the perfect bag for protecting your regulators and organizing your dive kit. The combination of foam and PE board walls protect your delicate gear while the round shape minimizes hose kinks. The compact design packs flat and pairs with all the bags in the Explorer II Collection

    Explorer II Regulator Bag

    RM269.00 RM189.00