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    Our gauges are designed and finished at our UK factory ensuring that every aspect reflects our commitment to quality. The gauges are stylish and fit perfectly with other products in the Apeks range, such as our world famous regulators.

    Apeks Tech SPG

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  • RM1,129.00 RM679.00

    The 2-gauge console combines a submersible pressure (contents) gauge and a depth gauge housed in a specially designed case. The unit is completed with a high pressure hose.

    The console clearly displays your pressure and depth readings for easy viewing under water and the dials have a long phosphorescent effect for better reading in poor visibility conditions. The submersible pressure gauge provides accurate pressure readings with a range up to 360 bar. The depth gauge reads up to 70 m.

    Apeks SPG/ Depth Flex Hose

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  • RM909.00 RM539.00

    Apeks range of quality, accurate and stylish gauges and gauge consoles includes this compact and unique Pressure Gauge and Compass combination. The pressure (contents) gauge offers a range from 0 – 360 bar. The compass is designed for ease of reading and diver comfort. For example, there are two viewing windows so the unit can be set up for left or right handed use, at an angle which is set as the natural extension of the arm. This means that divers do not have to twist their wrist into an unnatural shape to view the compass.

    Apeks SPG/ Compass

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  • RM899.00 RM679.00

    The Apeks submersible pressure (contents) gauge, with an internal Bourdon pressure measuring mechanism, gives you clear information on the gas contents of your cylinder. The gauge indicates the cylinder bottle pressure and the dial range is from zero to 5000psi (a metric version is also available with a range up to 360 bar). The dial face is designed with clarity in mind by being uncluttered, with large black figures on a luminous background giving a long phosphorescent effect. This makes viewing as easy as possible, even in poor visibility conditions.

    Apeks SPG Flexi Hose

    RM899.00 RM679.00