Flight Twilight
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Flight Twilight
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Using a back plate means shifting the weight to the centre of gravity and at the back of the most buoyant part of our body- the lungs. This reduces extra weight needed at the conventional hip area which in turn reduces unnecessary drag and improves your trim greatly.

This system is totally adjustable and affords unparalleled custom fit for every individual. The uncluttered chest area also results in maximum comfort and unrestricted movement during each dive.

Less BC volume means less water displacement, consequently decreasing the amount of weight needed, making the dive more enjoyable and safe. The Frog system is also easy to take apart and pack away for traveling.


  • Circular wing design almost completely eliminates gas being trapped on either side of the wing during a dive.

  • A much more streamlined profile in water due to additional lift at the base of cylinder and the fact that the Midnight wing circles the cylinders in a dive

  • Strong outer shell built from 1680 Denier Nylon to protect inner bladder

  • Inner bladder of 400 Denier Nylon which is one of the most abrasion proof bladder material

  • Lift capacity: 22.74 kgf / 50 lbf / 223n

  • Rear over-pressure relieve valve makes venting gas effortless during a dive

  • Easy to locate toggle on over-pressure relieve valve, even with thick gloves on

  • Adjustable SS D- Rings for easy storage for accessories at the shoulders.

  • Pre- bent D- Rings at shoulder area

  • 5lb Stainless Steel Silver finish Backplate

  • Replaceable inner bladder

  • Can be paired with the optional Storage Pack to store alternate lift and signaling devices

  • Optional SS Single Tank Adaptor- adjustable for optimum fit on aluminum of steel, long or shorter cylinders

  • CE Certified