Surface Marker Pro
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Surface Marker Pro
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The “SELF-SEALING” Surface Marker Buoy can be used in combination with the optional* Webbing Deployment System – WDS is an easy to use solution for sending up a Surface Marker Buoy during your Safety Stop.

Compact enough to carry on every dive & diving holiday

  • Buoy made from durable 210D Nylon coated with TPU with welded seams and stitched edge tape to prevent fraying.
  • Remains fully inflated until you release the air by pulling on the Dump Valve / Over-Pressure Valve toggle .
  • Rolled up the Buoy can be secured with the attached bungee.

How to deploy:

The SMB is inflated by purging a regulator or exhaling into the open end. The self-closing baffle (duck bill valve) forms an air tight seal to prevent accidental air spillage on ascent and at the surface.
The over-pressure/dump valve releases the air automatically on ascent; by pulling the dump cord you can easily deflate the buoy on the surface.

Color: Neon Pink
Neon Pink has been proven to be highly visible in all light conditions

* WDS Webbing Deployment System sold separately