Surface Marker Pro Pink
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Surface Marker Pro Pink
PADI Open Water e-Learning
PADI Open Water e-Learning
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With the 3 inflation options, divers can choose which one best suits their equipment configuration and personal style.

  1. Fill the buoy with the second controller via air shower
  2. Inflate with the low-pressure inflator hose (LPI) via the non-locking LP valve
  3. Inflating by mouth by pressing down the LP valve


  • L 210cm | W21cm | Lift 23kg
  • 3 filling types: secondary controller, inflator hose, oral valve
  • Self-closing with pressure relief valve
  • SOLAS reflective tape
  • Compact storage, held together by elastic tape
  • All seams are welded & reinforced

Setting the buoy:
The self-closing bezel on the lower opening of the buoy automatically seals the air in the buoy, regardless of the inflation options used.The SM-10 remains inflated until the air is released by pulling on the toggle switch of the drain valve / pressure relief valve.

More details:

The low-pressure inflator valve insert is made of chrome-plated brass.

The initials can be printed at the top of the SMB so that the support team recognizes you immediately

The SOLAS reflective tape on top of both sides increases night and day visibility

Item weight: 0.22 kg