Spare Air Dial Gauge Metric
RM329.00 RM239.00
Spare Air Dial Gauge Metric
RM329.00 RM239.00
RM299.00 RM229.00


SM Pro. A simple case where bigger is better. When diving in remote locations with a surface swell you want to make sure you are spotted.A large SMB is significantly more visible in the big wide ocean. With 19kg of lift the SM Pro is ideal for Decompression dives and can double up as a lift bag.


  • L 175cm | W 21cm | Lift 19kg
  • Self-Sealing with Over-Pressure Valve
  • Light Stick Holder
  • Top Handle
  • SOLAS Reflective Tape
  • Stainless Steel Ring on Bottom Strap
  • Secured by Elastic Cord
  • Carry Pouch for BCD
  • Welded and Taped on both Edges

Large Delayed Surface Marker Buoy in hi viz pink color


Extra Safety – SOLAS Reflective Tape for increased night and daytime visibility

  • Buoy made from durable 210D Nylon coated with TPU with welded seams and stitched edge tape to prevent fraying.
  • SOLAS Reflective Tape, Lightstick holder top looped handle for slate attachment and easy handling.
  • Remains fully inflated until you release the air by pulling on the Dump Valve / Over-Pressure Valve toggle
  • Rolled up the Buoy can be stowed in the carry pouch with BCD attachment
  • Top Carry Handle – Strobes or Message Slates can be attached
  • Light Stick Holder – For Light Sticks during Night Dives
  • Extra Long Webbing Strap – Diver can rest a knee in the loop e at the surface to help hold the SMB upright during extended surface waits
  • Stainless Steel Ring – Allows frictionless movement of deployment line to ensure the buoy will always be upright when tension is applied on line

How to deploy:

The SM Pro is inflated by purging your 2nd stage into the open end.
The Self-Sealing baffle at the bottom opening of the buoy acts as a One-Way Valve and seals the air inside the buoy. This type of Surface Marker Buoy will remain fully inflated until you release the air by pulling on the Dump Valve / Over-Pressure Valve toggle.