Spare Air 300 Nitrox
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Spare Air 300 Nitrox
Spare Air 170 Xtreme Dual Sport
Spare Air 170 Xtreme Dual Sport


The Spare Air model 170 Package comes with a 1.7cu’ Holster, Safety Leash and a Scuba Tank Refill Adaptor.


  • 1.7 cubic feet of air
  • Tank finish in durable Anodized Black.
  • Easily refills from your own SCUBA tank with included refill adapter (patented).
  • Easily attaches to your BC with included holster and safety leash.
  • Small, hands-free, nearly neutrally buoyant.
  • Breathe on demand regulator – No complicated instructions.
  • Completely redundant back-up miniature SCUBA system.
  • Faster than buddy breathing and easier than an octopus.
  • Compact size allows for more versatile mounting options.
  • Size preferred by military agencies worldwide.
  • Original 1.7 cu ft is the “old faithful” of the SPARE AIR product line. In production since 1979- over 100,000 units in use.


Maximum Capacity: 1.7 cu ft / 48 liters
Length: 8.75″ / 22 cm
Diameter: 2.25″ / 5.7 cm
Maximum Pressure: 3000 psi / 207 bar
Weight (full): 1.51 lb. / .68 kg
Surface Breaths:* 32
Water Volume: 14 cu in / .23 liters
*Based on 1.5 liters per breath