Micro 3.0 Pro Dual Beam Set
RM5,599.00 RM4,199.00
Micro 3.0 Pro Dual Beam Set
Surface Marker Pro Pink
RM299.00 RM229.00
Surface Marker Pro Pink
RM329.00 RM239.00


Updated Dial Gauge design!
  • 30% Bigger, easier to read face
  • Easier to read Neon Yellow indicator
  • Shows pressure in both PSI & BAR
  • Gauge will always display in correct orientation (no longer random threaded)
  • Made in USA
Upgrade your Spare Air or HEED (fits all models) to the high-end Dial Gauge introduced in 2019.
  • Takes place of the existing Pin Style pressure indicator.
  • Easy to install – no special tools required!
  • Simply unscrew the Pin Style pressure indicator from your Regulator, screw in the Dial Gauge and you’re ready to go!
  • Please Note – other pony dial gauge pressure indicators available will not work on the Spare Air. The only authorized Dial Gauge guaranteed to work on Spare Air is this model available by us or our dealers.