• RM329.00 RM189.00

    White version of the UP-M1W mask. It is especially useful for the deep freediving sessions. The white colour enhance a great visibility even from big distances.

    UP-M1W White

    RM329.00 RM189.00
  • RM219.00 RM129.00

    The Aqua mask has been designed and developed as a tool for deep spearfishing and freediving.

    Aqua by Momo Design

    RM219.00 RM129.00
  • RM389.00 RM229.00

    Available in Mirror Lens finish


    RM389.00 RM229.00
  • RM329.00 RM169.00

    Freediving mask with an exclusive look created in cooperation with MOMO Design. Click on each for larger image.


    RM329.00 RM169.00
  • RM319.00 RM199.00

    Alien mask in mirror lens

    Alien Mirror Lens

    RM319.00 RM199.00
  • RM290.00 RM149.00

    Available in Camu 3D, Blackmoon and Seagreen colors


    RM290.00 RM149.00
  • RM229.00 RM119.00

    Classic designed mask


    RM229.00 RM119.00