• RM7,999.00 RM5,099.00

    The LEG3ND Elite Black Edition is the perfect combination of high function and stunning design. An aesthetic masterpiece made with stainless-steel parts, intuitive ergonomics are at your finger tips. Diving experts will appreciate the technical precision of this high-performance regulator.

    LEG3ND Elite Black Edition + Octopus

    RM7,999.00 RM5,099.00
  • RM6,499.00 RM4,899.00

    The LEG3ND ELITE gives divers unprecedented capabilities by providing perfect precision and enhanced ergonomics at your fingertips. Advanced divers appreciate the independent micro adjustments to fine-tune their own individual breathing preferences


    RM6,499.00 RM4,899.00
  • RM6,099.00 RM4,599.00

    The first inhalation under water is the start of a new adventure. The revolutionary combination of Venturi effect and inhalation effort adjustment is natural and intuitive. Aqua Lung’s Master Breathing System allows divers to control both in one simple rotation. All depths, all conditions, all dives – MBS will adapt.


    RM6,099.00 RM4,599.00
  • RM5,099.00 RM3,899.00

    When performance is your highest priority, LEG3ND is the answer. The LEG3ND shares the same breathing characteristics with the LEG3ND ELITE and LEG3ND MBS. The familiar venturi switch now features an updated and ergonomic design. Overmolded with “soft touch” elastomer, the ergonomically designed switch perfectly controls the venturi effect, either allowing or containing a natural freeflow.​


    RM5,099.00 RM3,899.00
  • RM4,399.00 RM3,099.00

    You don’t need to be big to make a big impact. That thinking inspired the Helix Compact Pro the smallest and most compact regulator Aqualung has ever produced. This amazing piece of technology is equally designed for warm and cold water, meaning it’s perfect for jetsetters on the go, minimalists packing light, and even local divers who simply want unequalled performance per ounce.

    Helix Compact Pro

    RM4,399.00 RM3,099.00
  • RM3,699.00 RM2,899.00

    The Helix Pro mid-range regulator with balanced first and second stages – our core range. The Helix Pro represents the DNA of Aqualung regulators. It is certainly the best value for the coming years.

    Helix Pro + Octopus

    RM3,699.00 RM2,899.00
  • RM4,099.00 RM3,099.00

    Lighter than air…no, but you get the idea: the Mikron is the smallest and lightest regulator in the Aqua Lung collection. Equipped with our patented Auto-Closure Device plus a pneumatically Balanced second stage, this small but mighty regulator lets you float comfortably through baggage claim and the deep blue alike.

    The Mikron ACD is sold with the Mikron Octopus.

    Mikron ACD + Mikron Octopus

    RM4,099.00 RM3,099.00
  • RM3,099.00 RM2,399.00

    The third-generation Titan regulator brings new innovation while keeping its excellent value.

    Titan Regulator + Octopus

    RM3,099.00 RM2,399.00
  • RM1,699.00 RM1,189.00

    Always emulated but never equaled, this regulator is compact, lightweight, and easy to clean, pack, and maintain. It’s been the standard in regulators for decades, and our recent updates have given it a fresh new look and improved resistance to changes in pressure and temperature. Perfect for nitrox beginner divers.

    Calypso Nitrox M26x2

    RM1,699.00 RM1,189.00
  • RM1,699.00 RM1,189.00

    The reliable, robust and refreshed Calypso regulator is compact, lightweight and perfect for beginner divers and dive centers. The Calypso regulator has been a dependable favorite for decades and has been emulated, but never equaled. Redesigned with a youthful twist, the new Calypso is has an attractive new look to go with its always attractive price.


    RM1,699.00 RM1,189.00