• RM1,499.00 RM999.00

    The Airsource combines a high-performance second stage with a power inflator. By eliminating the need for a traditional octopus, the diver can streamline his entire system. In addition, unlike a traditional octopus that can drag in the sand or damage coral, you’ll take comfort knowing that the Airsource is right in front of you ready to deliver life saving air in a moment’s notice.

    Air Source

    RM1,499.00 RM999.00
  • RM1,399.00 RM959.00

    When performance is your highest priority, LEG3ND is the answer. The LEG3ND shares the same breathing characteristics with the LEG3ND ELITE and LEG3ND MBS. The familiar Venturi switch now features an updated and ergonomic design. Because your sensations and emotions are amplified in the underwater world, you can focus on what matters: feeling free.

    LEG3ND Octopus

    RM1,399.00 RM959.00
  • RM859.00 RM599.00

    The ABS Octopus combines good breathing performance with the benefits of a low profile body style.

    ABS Octopus

    RM859.00 RM599.00
  • RM1,099.00 RM769.00

    Compliment your Calypso and Titan regulators with this reliable, easy breathing octopus.

    Calypso /Titan Octopus

    RM1,099.00 RM769.00