Aqua Lung Sport Flexar Travel Snorkeling Fins, small but perfectly formed, superbly designed, simple little snorkeling fin perfect for the have a go snorkeler. Designed to be worn bare foot using superb thermo-rubber to create an extremely comfortable foot pocket. Lightweight and compact but with all the design and technology associated with Aqua Lung snorkeling fins.

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Exclusive Power Zone Technology optimizes the bending of the blade during kicking maximizing the performance

The strong rubber side ribs increase performance and lenghten the life of the fin.

Compact short bladed fins innovatively designed to make full use of the surface area and maximize performance from the blade.

Durable thermorubber bungee style heel strap which is fully adjustable providing three positions to accommodate a wide range of foot fittings and for optimum comfort.

The Blade is also edged in rubber for protection.

Foot pocket is also made using a thermorubber for superb comfort.

Grip effect inside the foot pocket ensures high stability.

The foot pocket is also shaped and designed to contour the foot and is incredibly comfortable – perfect for those long snorkeling sessions.

Colors: Arctic White and Blue