WTX-D18 System Package

Single cylinder wings, often referred...

RM 4,034.00
RM 2,799.00

i750TC w/ USB

The most technology-savvy diver will...

RM 4,199.00
RM 2,599.00

WTX-D30 PSD System Package

The WTX and WTX-D Series is a selection...

RM 4,424.00
RM 3,099.00

WTX-D40 PSD System Package

Designed for public safety divers but...

RM 4,524.00
RM 3,099.00

WSX-25 Sidemount Harness

Brand new from Apeks comes the WSX-25...

RM 4,199.00
RM 2,999.00

i200 + USB

HOT DEALS package!! i200 Computer +...

RM 1,908.00
RM 1,199.00

WSX-45 Sidemount System

Apeks' WSX-45 sidemount harness comes...

RM 4,499.00
RM 3,099.00

WTX Deluxe Harness

The WTX and WTX-D Series is a selection...

RM 1,999.00
RM 1,199.00

Lotus i3

The Lotus i3 is a feature-rich, back...

RM 3,499.00
RM 1,899.00

Pearl i3

The Pearl i3 is the best ladies BC ever...

RM 3,099.00
RM 1,899.00


The Pearl is a wrap-around jacket style...

RM 2,690.00
RM 1,559.00

Pro QD i3

The Pro QD is the first BC that...

RM 2,800.00
RM 1,699.00

Professional by SporaSub

Smooth skin neoprene with nylon lined...

RM 1,699.00
RM 1,099.00

Safaga 5.5mm

5.5mm Safaga Wetsuit from Aqua Lung

RM 899.00
RM 499.00

Mahe Shorty

MAHE shorty from Aqualung is designed...

RM 550.00
RM 299.00

Express ADJ Pink

The heart of the Express ADJ is a...

RM 499.00
RM 299.00

Stratos Fullfoot

The robust and proven Stratos Full...

RM 239.00
RM 159.00

Caravelle Fullfoot Junior

With a forgiving blade ideal for long...

RM 119.00
RM 69.00

T7 - Roller Carry-on

The Aqua Lung T-Series features a full...

RM 699.00
RM 399.00

Thermocline Glove

The Thermocline Glove is made with...

RM 99.00
RM 59.00

Avalon Cosmetic Bag

Keep all your essentials right at your...

RM 169.00
RM 79.00

Avalon Cosmetic Pouch

The perfectly sized Cosmetic Pouch...

RM 99.00
RM 49.00

Jacket with Hood for Women

Aqua Lung Rashguards are designed to be...

RM 439.00
RM 199.00

Frog Indigo 40lb Aluminum B/Plate2

Suitable for both recreational and...

RM 3,199.00
RM 2,199.00