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    Let's Go Diving!

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Dive Trips

While most operators sell dive trips, we share dive experience. Organizing dive trips to South East Asia and around the world, we have helped made thousands of divers create wonderful dive memories. Fun, relaxing, organized and safe is what we strive for on our trips. Contact us today to talk to us on one of our excursions. Professional private dive guides and family oriented trips are arrangeable.



Philippines, Anilao Photo Academy

Explore and advance your underwater...

Mabul Island, Seaventures Dive Rig

Seaventures Dive Rig is a dive platform...

RM 3,100.00

Lombok, Indonesia, Cocotinos Resort

Luxurious accommodation in the...

Perhentian Island, Bubbles Dive Resort

Bubbles Resort is embedded in the lush...

RM 980.00

Tenggol Island Resort

Tenggol Island is one of the most...

RM 990.00

Miri, Serawak, Co.Co Dive Resort

Miri has long been known for the...

RM 950.00

Weh Island Indonesia

The Pulau Weh Resort (Weh Island...

Padang, Indonesia

Padang is also the gateway to one of...

RM 1,570.00

Tioman Island

Virgin tropical rainforests, clear,...

RM 800.00